Service Opportunities Available to Members

Committee membership and service opportunities are open to both genders unless noted otherwise. Please contact committee chairmen to volunteer. Chairmen are listed in the bulletin each week.

Benevolence Committee


  1. Food Pantry food drives, organizing, sorting, and distribution.

  2. Sunshine bag item collection, organizing, and distribution. (to encourage the sick or shut-in)

  3. Assisting with projects such as small home repairs, helping people move, yard clean-up, etc.

  4. Helping the committee identify people in the church and the community for whom we can provide benevolent assistance.


Help to organize food drives, create/distribute Sunshine bags.

Volunteers to do small home repair projects, yard work, assist on moving crews

Volunteers to identify people in need of benevolent assistance

Buildings and Grounds


  1. Building Cleaning: (once a month and as needed)

    1. Fellowship Hall (cleaning the floor, counter tops, tables, etc.)

    2. Upstairs – Classrooms, hall & bathroom (run vacuum, clean toilets, sink, mirror)

  2. Seasonal work:

  1. Outside – lawn care, string trimmer, weed mulched areas.

  2. Spring and Autumn cleanups


Volunteers (individuals & families) for the monthly cleaning schedule and seasonal work



  1. Teacher -

Classes are currently split into the following age groups: Infant, 2-Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and Adults.  Teachers need to prepare an age appropriate lesson each week.  In the younger classes, it is encouraged to do an activity that helps build the students' knowledge of the material that was taught.

  1. Assistant -

Assistants are especially helpful in the infant and 2 to Kindergarten classes.  Being an assistant for any class is also a great way to see what is involved and how to teach the various age groups.  

  1. VBS (Vacation Bible School) -

Opportunities to help with Vacation Bible School include planning, teaching, assisting, preparing snacks and decorating. 


Teachers and Assistants for every age group - Schedules can be shared with other teachers & assistants.

Evangelism & Missions Committee

This committee handles the budget for outreach. We support works in China, India, a special mission to Muslims in the Detroit area, and two Children's Homes (Potter Family & Children's Home in Bowling Green, KY and Timothy Hill Children's Ranch in Riverhead, N.Y.).   We welcome anyone with the desire to help the body grow locally and especially in reaching and helping others with the Gospel.

Evangelism Activities:

  • Planning and coordination of seminars and special speakers for the congregation.

  • A group of couples is also coordinating a marriage enrichment class held weekly in their homes.

  • We offer home Bible Studies and Correspondence Courses to those that are interested.   We are always looking for someone to help here.

  • We also have done door knocking efforts in the Selinsgrove and Shamokin Dam areas for Vacation Bible School and to develop interest and open doors for Bible Studies.


  • Those that could help send out and/or grade Correspondence Course lessons.

  • Those that could help in holding and/or assisting in home Bible studies.

  • Those that would be interesting in planning special seminars, etc.

  • Help with the M.O.P.S. program – teachers and/or childcare for moms that attend

Missions Activities:

  • Support - preachers in South Central India through Crossover Ministries (Doug Tackett).

  • Support - Hannah Cook with Bibles for the work with college students in China.

  • Support - Wissam Al-Aerhawi to reach Muslims - Arab Christian Center in metro Detroit

  • Support - Potter's Children's Home in Bowling Green, KY

  • Support - Timothy Hill Children's Ranch in Riverhead, N.Y.

  • A program for mothers of preschoolers (M.O.P.S.).   The ladies involved with this are always looking for someone to help them teach the mothers and supervise the babies and preschoolers. 

  • Annual trip to Timothy Hill Children's Ranch in Riverhead, N.Y. (usually in July).


  • Those that could help in the annual Mission Trip to Riverhead, N.Y. (age 14 and over)

  • Those that could pray for and correspond with the workers that we support (see above).

Youth Group

The Susquehanna Valley Church of Christ has active junior and senior youth groups.

  • The junior youth include children in grades Kindergarten to 8th; senior youth are grades 9-12.

  • A new activity schedule is put together every year. See James Thomas for a copy of the schedule if interested in helping.

  • Events are also posted on the youth group's private Facebook page. You can ask to be added to the group if you have a Facebook account.

Worship Committee

Song leader: Men - lead the congregation in the songs during the AM and PM services. Have a list of songs ready in case you need to fill in at the last minute. Help when we try to learn new songs.

Opening prayer: Men - lead the congregation in the opening prayer during the AM and PM services, focusing on praising God and giving Him thanks. Be mindful of all that God and Christ have given us.

Announcement and closing prayer: Men - share any extra announcements and make note of special announcements before leading the congregation in the closing prayer.

Lead the Lord's Supper: Men - lead the congregation in partaking of the Lord's Supper. Is responsible for making sure he has enough men to assist him at the table. Present a table talk to the congregation to focus their minds on the Lord's Supper. This can be a scripture reading or short devotional given before the song for the Lord's Supper.

Assist with the Lord's Supper: Men - help the leader of the Lord's Supper to distribute the elements to the congregation. You will sit in the front pews while the leader gives the table talk then walk to the table after the song. Please seek out the leader when you arrive and let him know that you are present & able to assist.

Usher: Men - responsible for the AM and PM head count, opening doors for the elderly and parents with children when entering and exiting the auditorium and helping to serve the Lord's Supper.

Audio: Work the sound equipment in the crow's nest upstairs. Be responsible for the recording of the sermon, raising and lowering the screen on the front wall, and volume levels during the whole service.

Greeters: Will greet people at the front doors of the building and hand out a bulletin. Please be there 5 minutes before the end of class. Pass out visitor packets to visitors and have them sign the guest book.

Building security: After the AM and PM service, you are responsible for making sure all lights are turned off and all doors are locked. Check all doors in the back and front of the building as well as all emergency exits.

Lord's Supper (communion) prep: Responsible to fill the trays with the fruit of the vine and bread for AM and PM services. Place trays on the table between Bible class and the start of worship. After services, clean out the trays, put extra bread into a container and notify chairman of the worship committee if supplies are needed.

Wednesday devo: Men - responsible for collecting prayer requests, leading the devo and saying a closing prayer. Please keep the devo between 5-10 minutes, so we can be respectful for the classes and the time that is needed to teach.

Baptismal clothing: Wash and dry the baptismal clothing and towels after a baptism.

Nursery Attendant: You will be helping out parents who need to take their children out of the worship service. You will attend the nursery upstairs so the parents have a place to leave their children, and give the parents a chance to worship God. This is so the parents don't miss out on too many worship services.

Scripture reading: Men - will read the morning scripture that you get from the preacher. It will be your responsibility to seek out the preacher and find out what scripture he wants read. Please try to use the NKJV, as this is the version we have in the pews.