"Taking God At His Word" - Bill Dilks

Christian Character:
"Taking God At His Word"  (Genesis 22)

1. Every great movement has a leader or trend setter: rock 'n roll - Elvis; communism - Marx and Lenin; Christianity - Christ.
2. What person comes to mind if I mention the word faith?
3. If Paul answered that question, His answer would be Abraham (see Romans     4:1-3,18-22; Galatians 3:6-14).
4. Why?!? See Hebrews 11:8-19, especially verses 17-19.
5. In Genesis 22 we'll see the character of faith, the power of God, and the hope that was Abraham's...

I. Faith Involves Following God's Will - verses 1-8
A. The Test - verse 1
1. Why (see verses 11-12)??
2. "Here I am." means "reporting for duty, Sir!" in Hebrew.
B. Instruction and Preparation - verses 2-8
1. Isaac as a burnt offering - verse 2
a. This was totally unfair, EXCEPT from God's viewpoint!
b. What did Abraham think? See Hebrews 11:17-19. To him the Lord of Life was stronger than death!
c. Spirit of faith is the spirit of adventure. Alfred Whitehead, professor of philosophy at Harvard said "When man loses the sense of adventure, civilization falls into decay."
2. God will provide - verse 8
a. Literally "God will see to it."
b. Note: the concept here is not blind faith. God had promised and provided, Abraham had God's word on it (see Genesis 17:19-21).

II. Faith Involves Obedience to that Will - verses 9-19
A. The Test verses 9-12
1. The only one that could stop Abraham has to intervene!
2. Same response "Here I am..."
3. Command to stop...
B. The Substitute - verses 13-14
1. Ram offered in place of his son - note the parallels to Christ.
2. Jehovah-jireh (God will provide). Could our lives have that name, our homes, at work, etc.??
C. The Promise - verses 15-19
1. Promise of 12:1-3 repeated again....
2. Why - because you have OBEYED MY VOICE!  

Conclusion: What about you?
1. Is God's will a mandate for your life, or good suggestions that you just have not got around to doing yet?
2. Have you obeyed God's voice? Do you have God's promise?  It's your choice!