"Loving One Another": Lesson Thirteen 10/20/13

Lesson Thirteen: Positive Commands: A Focus on Actions: Commands 5: "Assemble Together With One Another"

Review: The positive "one another commands" are divided into 2 main categories, the second category of which is further divided into 4 more subdivisions:

1. Verses that Focus on Attitudes – command 1: "Have the same mind with one another"

2. Verses that Focus on Actions

a. Verses which promote spiritual growth and health in the Body of Christ

e.g. Command 2: "Encourage and Build Up One Another", Command 3: "Admonish One Another", and Command 4: "Comfort and Encourage One Another"

b. Verses which promote the good of the Body of Christ

c. Verses which promote unity and peace in the Body of Christ

d. Verses which promote ministry and the function of the Body of Christ

Tonight, we will continue looking at verses which promote the spiritual growth and health of the body of Christ:

Table Discussion (Anyone can be the table leader, be sure to let everyone speak, this is an opportunity to share with and help each other in our understanding of God’s Word, it is okay if you don’t get through every question, discussion and study with each other is more important):

1. Command 5: "Assemble Together with One Another".

a. What are your views as to WHY members of the church are to assemble together?

b. Read Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16; Hebrews 10:24-25

c. How does our assembling together relate to our ability to carry out the commands in the above verses to "sing" and "encourage" each other?

d. How does a failure to assemble together affect the individual Christian who forsakes the Christian assembly?

e. How does a Christian choosing to forsake the assembly affect the other Christian who commit to attending the Christian assembly?

f. Discuss is the "primary focus" of Hebrews 10:24-25. Is it (1) "to consider one another" or (2) "to assemble together"?

g. "Consider" is the Greek katanoeo (katanoevw), "to consider attentively, perceive, observe."

h. According to Hebrews 10:24-25, why are we to "consider" one another?

i. How does a failure to "assemble with one another" show a failure to "consider one another"?

j. Discuss how the church can lose focus of the reason we are to assemble together?

k. What kinds of things do we need to be paying attention to regarding one another when we assemble?

l. What type of things do you find yourself talking about to others when you assemble with the church?

m. What types to things should we be conversing to others when we assemble as a church?

n. Why do we fail to talk to each other in a more meaningful way?

* Next week, we will continue looking at verses which promote the spiritual growth and health of the body of Christ