Do We Respect God?

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QUESTION: Is there REVERENCE and RESPECT for God, when people GO BEYOND God's specific instructions and do what they want to do, rather than that which God has told us to do? NO! When people change, alter, or in some way circumscribe God's Divine Plan, they show no respect or reverence for God. If a person will do that, they demonstrate by those actions that they will change any of God's Laws.
Let's explore the story of a man taking a trip. Before he left he gave instructions to his sons about making some improvements to their home. He said, "Build a house, a Barn and Dig a well." In each case he gave the place where they were to put the house, the barn and the location of the well. When he returned, they had built the house and dug the well where the father had told them too, but had built the barn in a different place.
The father said to his sons, "You have not done one thing that I told you to do." The sons responded, "Yes, the only thing that we changed was the location of the barn." The father responded, "No! You built them where you wanted to build them. By your action, you have shown that if you had wanted the house and well in a different place, you would have put them there."
If people will violate God's Divine Laws of Worship, then they demonstrate to God that they will CHANGE any of His laws. How can one reverence God and NOT follow his directions or instructions? The simple FACT is, they cannot! Yes, we must reverence God in our worship.

My 2 cents worth: True obedience is doing ALL that we are commanded - ESPECIALLY the things we do not understand OR agree with!
Think about it.

Mike Sullivan 12/11/2005