Camp Manatawny Drawings Project (Update)

Just wanted to give you an update on the Camp Manatawny drawings project.  I really don't know how many coloring books have sold...My computer was giving me such a rough time that I didn't really keep track of how many I sent down.  They did ask for more of the adult ones which I sent down.

The camps 50th Anniversary celebration was this past weekend.  I framed 8 of the 10 ink drawings (there were 2 that I felt were good for the coloring book but not especially saleable framed).  6 of the 8 drawing sold at their silent auction for a total of $425.00 which covers the framing with a profit of about $250. Not as much as I hoped but that's the way it goes at silent auctions.   I told them to keep the other 2 for their next fund-raiser.

They also had some artists judge the artwork and photographs donated and I won "Best of Show".  They were going to send me the prize...$100...but I told them to turn it back in to the fund-raiser proceeds.

The benefits will continue...I will be keeping them stocked with coloring books for upcoming seasons and I'd like to put together note cards with the images on them.  Not huge amounts of money, but it all counts.  I also gave the camp copyrights to the images so they can use them for advertising or to produce any additional promo items.

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